Slide A reimagined HSA so powerful you will use it for all of your purchases Introducing the Zenda HSA Learn More Slide The first HSA designed for smarter spending. Just use the card and Zenda handles the rest. The only automated, hassle-free and always optimized HSA Learn More Slide The only HSA with intelligence built in to the card for contributions, spending, receipts and taxes. Smart financial solutions for health expenses Learn More Slide Zenda makes it easy to manage your HSA for your team. Easy setup and administration Learn More

Introducing the revolutionary Zenda HSA

Zenda HSA combines an AI-powered Visa® debit card, a flexible bank account and an easy-to-use mobile app that together makes paying for healthcare automated, hassle-free, and always optimized.  It’s the first of its kind, an all new take on HSA with AI built-in to make managing your expenses simple and care-free.

Eliminate hassles and save more money

Did you know that the average family with an HSA misses out on recovering $2,500 of eligible medical expenses each year? That is a LOT of money left on the table.

Zenda HSA has pulled off the impossible: it never misses a medical expense you’re entitled to and even better, it keeps the information you need for the IRS automatically.  Just use the card and see for yourself. It’s magical.

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Automatic Savings Finder
Never miss an expense again and maximize your savings
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Zenda Tax Guarantee
We’ve got your back when you use the card
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Expert Guidance
Get proactive guidance to make sure you save the most

Simple, painless HSA administration

Zenda didn’t stop after reinventing the HSA experience. We also made it easier than ever to set up and administer.   You can manage everything in a simple dashboard. Onboarding and contributions are fully online and automated.