We started Zenda to make it easy to pay for healthcare

To us, this means saving time for busy families, relieving the stress of figuring out complex rules and, best of all, saving money for those who need it the most.

We believe it is time for a fundamental change in consumer  financial services. This means delightfully simple user experiences powered by Data & AI and re-imagining financial products for true benefit to the consumer.

Our mission at Zenda is to deliver ever smarter financial solutions that liberate you to live life to the fullest.

Founding Team

Waqar Hasan

Co founder and CEO

Bruce Sattley

Co founder and head of product

Brij Singh

Co founder and head of technology

Proudly Supported By


Aneesh Chopra

CTO of United States (Obama Admin.), Healthcare Thought Leader

Deborah Culhane

Chief Executive Officer, Optum Bank (former)

Bipin Sahni

EVP Wells Fargo Bank (former), Chief Strategy Officer, Persistent Systems

Liana Salaymeh

Human Resources Leader (Technology), AirBnB