Easy and Streamlined HSA Administration

Zenda’s HSA is easy to administer, relieving your team of time-consuming tasks.  Whether it is automating enrollment, new ways to manage contributions or best in class investment options – Zenda’s HSA helps you increase employee satisfaction.

Easy setup and automation

Zenda HSA solves all the problems that make setting up and managing an HSA program such a headache. Our admin dashboard lets you see everything at-a-glance and manage employee eligibility and contributions easily.

And when you need it, contact us to help you with all things HSA.  Our support team is here to help.

Raise your hand if you love webinars

We think open enrollment webinars have a place, but honestly, what good are they two months later when someone really needs their HSA?  Our amazing card + app experience eliminates the “training” and “webinars” that so many others rely on. Zenda has all the rules built-in and keeps it all straight and sorted – just by using the card.

When your employees save more, so do you

The average employee has $4100 in eligible expenses but only charges $1600 to their HSA1 – missing out on the key reason to have an HSA in the first place. More importantly, they contribute far less than their allowable maximum even when you count employer contributions.  Bottom line: HSAs are not being anywhere close to what they should be.

Zenda’s easy-to-use mobile app and convenient card remove the common barriers that prevent so many from realizing the savings they deserve. The more eligible expenses employees find, the more they will contribute and get value from your benefit plan.

Increasing contributions drives more savings for employers as well as employees. Employers can save on employer-side payroll taxes on contributions, which add up to almost 8%. Win win.

Offer HDHP plans with confidence

We all know high deductible health plans are a cost-effective benefit plan option for companies seeking relief from high healthcare costs.  The usability of your HSA can make or break your employee’s overall satisfaction with your benefit plan.  Zenda’s user-centric approach focuses not only on saving for retirement, but more importantly how to get the most out of their HSA right now.

We’re here to help you make the most of your HSA

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1HSA expenses and spending computed using:

Medical Expense Panel Survey, https://www.meps.ahrq.gov/mepsweb/ ; Kaiser Foundation, Annual Health Benefits Survey 2020;  Vision Council, https://www.thevisioncouncil.org/media-room ;  EBRI: Issue Brief Nov 2020, derived from: database of 10M HSA accounts ; US Census: http://www.census.gov