Future Investment Elections

Setting your future investment elections is an important first step for the allocation of funds transferred to the HSA Investment account. Transferring money prior to setting your future elections will result in your money being deposited into a money market account (Schwab Government Money Inv – SNVXX). Watch a short video to learn more about setting your future investment elections.

How to set your future elections

Once your investment account is open, follow these steps:

  • From the Zenda mobile app, navigate to Investments.
  • Tap on the Set investment options section and tap SET FUTURE ELECTIONS.
  • Make your investment selections by sliding the indicator to the percentage you want invested in that mutual fund.
  • Once your elections add up to 100%, tap on Submit.
  • Your investment elections are now set. The money transferred into your Investment account will be allocated based on your selections.

Note: Prior to selecting your investment selections, we recommend you review the Investment Options available to you and you may wish to seek the advice of a personal financial advisor.

HSA Guided Portfolio

If you need help determining which investment options are right for you, you can use our HSA Guided Portfolio to obtain a personalized mix of investment suggestions based on your specific financial goals.

Funding your investments

Once you’ve made your future investment selections, you can transfer money into your investment account. You can transfer as little as $5 or your entire HSA spending balance.

From Investments in the Zenda mobile app:

  • Tap transfer to investments
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer and tap transfer funds
  • Money will be taken from your HSA spending balance immediately and will appear in your investment account balance in 1-2 business days.

HSA Brokerage Account

If you are an experienced investor and want more control over your investment options, you may be interested in our Charles Schwab Health Savings Brokerage Account (HSBA). Future elections are the best way to send funds from your HSA spending account to the HSBA.See our HSBA investment guide to learn more about HSA investing.