Paying for healthcare is broken ...

At first – it seems great. Save a bundle on taxes when paying for your out of pocket expenses. Then, it gets real. Real complicated. Tax advantaged savings accounts, payroll deductions, reimbursements, saving all those receipts for the IRS, planning out your expenses a year in advance. Who can remember what they told you during enrollment? It’s all too much. Isn’t there an easier way?

Our Mission

We founded Zenda on the principle of being the easiest way for everyone to pay for and save on health care expenses. So easy in fact, you’ll think it’s magical. We are a team of successful entrepreneurs with a bold vision to solve the hardest parts of paying for healthcare. We’re well-funded and actively hiring so if you want to be a part of our team check out our openings.
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About Us

Waqar Hasan

CEO, Co-founder

Bruce Sattley

Head of Product, Co-founder

Brij Singh

Head of Technology, Co-founder