Zenda’s HSA is packed with money and time saving features

One big difference with the Zenda card is that it is designed for all purchases – not just payments to your doctor.  Just use the card at your favorite grocery or drug store to pay for your entire purchase, and it will instantly determine which items are HSA-eligible. We then automatically pay for eligible items from your HSA and the rest from your normal bank account.  No need to figure out what’s eligible or worry about reimbursement.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.  Now this is real AI working for you.

We get proof for the IRS, automatically

Finding the expense is the first step.  Next, you have to save your proof of purchase.  With Zenda you no longer have to save paper receipts or worry about proof at tax time. Just use the Zenda HSA card and we handle it all for you.  Peace of mind at last.

Contribute to your HSA with confidence

Trying to decide in January how much to contribute to your HSA can be challenging. We’ll remove the stress about calculating what you might need, making sure you have enough to cover medical expenses but not too much if your budget is tight. Our expert-level guidance figures out the right amount for you to contribute from your next paycheck to meet expenses and see tax savings right away.

Invest and protect your hard-saved HSA funds

One of the best benefits an HSA provides is tax-free investment growth.  Don’t miss out on making the most of your savings by investing for the future. Whether you want to determine all the investment details yourself, or choose from a carefully curated set of investments – Zenda has you covered.

Of course, Zenda’s cash accounts are FDIC-insured, giving you peace of mind that your cash is safe and protected.

However you choose to manage your money with Zenda, will keep you informed and up-to-date with timely notifications and helpful hints.

Reach out and say hi

We’re launching to consumers later this year, and we’ll keep your place in line and send a contact when we’re ready for you!